サラダ& デリカテッセン“CITYSHOP” の次なるコンセプトは「カスタムグルメピッツァ」。
大豆粉を使ったグルテンフリーの“ソイクラスト” などがお選びいただけ、
メインは野菜やハーブをたっぷりと使用した、CITYSHOP ならではの色鮮やかな10 種をラインナップ。
気分に合わせてギルトフリーにピッツァをお楽しみいただける、健康で美味しい“NEW PIZZA” をお届けいたします。

A modern pizza shop adding color to city life, the next concept
by Salad and Delicatessen CITYSHOP.
As a pizza shop where the crust, cheese, toppings, and accompaniments can all be customized to ones personal preference,
even vegan and gluten free options are available.
For the crust, one can choose options such as our "Signature kombu crust", stone ground Japanese whole
wheat mixed with kombu added for umami or a "Soy crust", a gluten free crust made from soy flour.
Cheese is not limited only to mozzarella, with vegan options such as tofu cheese as well.
An answer to those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle
(but can`t help but wanting eat pizza from time to time), CITYSHOP offers a healthy and delicious "New Pizza".